Speaker Terms & Conditions

Every speaker must agree to the following terms and conditions within five business days of receiving the invitation, in order to be accepted and added to the official agenda.

Presentation Deadline

All confirmed speakers must submit and upload their final presentation slide deck here (PowerPoint or Keynote files preferred) no later than November 8, 2024. This is necessary to prepare digital versions of all conference presentation materials and distribute them to attendees before the live event begins. Speakers who do not meet this deadline risk being replaced on the program.

Copyright Release

By accepting the invitation to speak, the speaker agrees to the standard copyright and reproduction terms of this event.

These terms are:

  • Copyright in original presentation material remains with the speaker.
  • DATAVERSITY® (and/or related entities) is granted the right to record, reproduce, and distribute each presentation in all forms of printed and electronic conference materials, including, but not limited to, the non-attendee conference proceedings, printed attendee notes, conference-related websites, and audio and/or video recordings (digital and/or analog), without royalties or fees payable to the speaker.


  • Keeping the above-mentioned terms in mind, please be aware that DATAVERSITY® typically records all Conference Session, Keynote, and Panel presentations. 

Speaker Microphone Policy

  • DATAVERSITY® requires that speakers wear a microphone at all times when presenting to ensure everyone in the room can hear and follow along (including those who may be hearing impaired). This is also a necessity for session recordings. 

No Sales Pitches

All sessions will be rated by the audience for commercial content. Any speaker who is judged by the audience to have made an inappropriate sales pitch for their own company, book, product, or service (except during sponsored presentations) or whose presentation is otherwise deemed objectionable during a conference session risks having their presentation interrupted and/or halted, and may not be invited to participate at future conferences.

Legal and Financial Approval

By accepting this invitation, the speaker agrees that they have the legal and financial permission from their company or others to make the presentation under the terms outlined herein and that the presentation shall not infringe on the rights of any third party. If you do not have approval at this time, you may accept the invitation but must indicate your restrictions and/or approval time frame in the comments field on the proposal form.

1. Registration Fees:

Please note the registration requirements for your speaking category carefully:

  • One speaker per accepted Conference Session (or two speakers for Keynotes, Seminar, and Tutorial sessions) will receive complimentary attendance to all Conference and Tutorial Sessions from Monday morning through Thursday afternoon (with the option to add the Two-Day Seminars for an additional cost). 
  • Up to two additional speakers originally nominated in the speaking proposal can register and pay for their conference attendance at a significantly discounted rate of 75% off (applies to all Conference and Tutorial sessions from Monday morning through Thursday afternoon), with the option to add the Two-Day seminars for an additional cost. Such registration must be completed at least one month prior to the start of the conference in order to be included in the conference program and materials. 
  • All other additional speakers must register at the regular registration rates prevailing at the time of their registration.
  • Speakers who were not originally nominated in the speaking proposal must register and pay for their conference attendance at the regular registration rates prevailing at the time of their registration. Such registration must be completed at least one month prior to the start of the conference in order to be included in the conference program and materials.
  • All speaking proposals are deemed to be made on behalf of the individual speaker rather than the speaker’s employer or organization unless an exception is specified in the proposal process. As such, when a speaker changes their employer or organization after being invited to speak, the individual speaker is deemed to retain the invitation rather than it deferring to their original employer. Any exceptions to this must be noted by the submitting individual at the time of making the proposal. This is done by clicking “I agree but with exceptions” at the very end of the submission process, and then noting the exception in the text box.

2. Expenses

Keynote and Tutorial Speakers will be reimbursed for travel and living expenses within the guidelines here. All other speakers are responsible for their own travel and living expenses.

3. Honorarium for Half-Day Sessions (Tutorials & Workshops):

  • Tutorial and Workshop Speakers will receive $750 per half-day ($1500 per full-day) sessions, plus an additional $250 for submitting their final presentation by the November 8, 2024 deadline.
  • Other speakers/presentations do not receive an honorarium.
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